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Tiffany DuBray has worked in health and wellness for 30 years. She started her career in corporate wellness as an exercise scientist to help people engage in a healthy lifestyle and to show them the importance of life long fitness. 

Through her work as an exercise scientist, she realized her true interest in wellness was the science behind it. This passion lead her to obtain a Physician Assistant degree. She spent several years practicing in internal medicine and pediatrics. Early on in her career, she began to question why despite providing the very best evidence based medicine and pharmacological care, no one was getting healed of their chronic illnesses. As a result, she began to look at other healing options, including holistic healthcare, homeopathy, and other natural cures through herbs and supplements. She found the outcome was not much different. Chronic illness was still prevalent with little progress being made in actual healing. This lack of healing prompted a search for a better approach.

Tiffany has spent the last ten years studying the concepts of energy as it pertains to quantum physics. She has learned that our being is energy and that we exist because of a frequency unique to each one of us. This frequency is responsible for creating a flow of energy that lays down the blueprint for a human being’s creation. This blueprint is, in essence, the spiritual fabric of the being that determines who one is right down to the physical body. Many things become bound up and entangled in this fabric of energy pathways and networks of multiple dimensions and planes. 

It is from this knowledge that Qi Wellness Tonics, products of Advanced Science, came into existence. The products work directly within our energy planes and networks of pathways to clear out negative energy frequencies and allow for a rebalancing and realignment of our energy being. This is necessary for true healing to manifest. Advanced Science’s products are pure energy healing tools that are designed to carry out real healing at the energy level.  

Discover True Wellness

Tiffany continues to study energy and quantum physics to bring forth quality healing products. She also has developed and is waiting to integrate several energy-based environmental solutions.

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