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These days we are hearing more and more about energy healing and energy medicine. While it is not new, it is, perhaps, the trend of the future. With many types of interventions available, it must be decided what modalities to

There has been much talk about energy pathways and the importance of rebalancing and realigning them to reunite the being with the reality of who one was created to be. It has been mentioned several times that our products were

Advanced Science prides itself on creating the most comprehensive and effective energy products. In creating our products, it was important that we covered every area of the being, including the physical plane. Immunity is a product that specifically addresses the

When energetic conception occurs, a blueprint is laid down unique to your individual identity through energy. In other words, you resonate like no other. This energy conception occurs right before physical conception, and your frequency and flow of energy designs

In an earlier blog, the importance of truth (or positivity) as a predominant resonance in the being was discussed. If you did not read it, go back and check out Align - From Negative to Positive. In recent weeks, the

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