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These days we are hearing more and more about energy healing and energy medicine. While it is not new, it is, perhaps, the trend of the future. With many types of interventions available, it must be decided what modalities to use and why. Not all applied energy healing is the same, nor does it provide the same outcome. Some methods use hands to transfer energy, some utilize technology, some apply needles to the skin, some employ meditation and breathing techniques, and some work with quantum and frequencies. While there certainly are other types of energy therapies available, the above embody a large majority of those being sought after by those seeking alternative options for healing. Here are few reasons to use our products.

At Qi, we use quantum principles and frequencies to rebalance and realign energy pathways to restore proper energy flow back to an individual’s original frequency. Our products are pure energy, using spring water as the carrier and infused with numerous different proprietary structures of frequencies. We use frequencies of light, so they are effective at eliminating all interfering frequencies and restoring peace back to the being. They are safe for all ages and can be used with any other types of treatments.

The reason our products are superior is they actually work throughout ALL the planes and dimensions of the entire being – spirit, soul, and body. This includes the mind and the connection to the spirit. Our products don’t just stop with the physical body, but extend into all areas of the being. This is important because spirit health is paramount for a healthy soul and body. The spirit leads and the soul and body get in alignment with it. Part of the reason much healing isn’t realized today is because the spirit portion is never addressed. Our products are designed to address all spirit issues which, when corrected, eventually lead to a healthy connection to the soul and body. Total frequency removal of all energy pathways in all planes and dimensions is critical to complete healing and will not happen without it. Our products do just that.

Our products also provide help in the thought realm. Thoughts are directly connected to physical health. When thoughts are negative, they set up negative energy flow in the pathways along with energy flow interference. This will eventually cause cellular miscommunication and chaos in the body. By working to remove negative thought energy and flow interferences, cells can reestablish a healthy communication to the energy pathways, and physical burdens can be removed. The ability of our products to directly effect thought alignment is huge when it comes to true healing.

There are other reasons why our products should be the first choice in energy healing, but the aforementioned are major ones that set us apart from others. Our products heal from the inside out and are committed to the task. They will not stop until the job is carried out and the correct energy flow is generated from the individual’s original frequency. (Insert disclaimer)

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