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There has been much talk about energy pathways and the importance of rebalancing and realigning them to reunite the being with the reality of who one was created to be. It has been mentioned several times that our products were designed for this very purpose. Therefore, it becomes important that the reality of our products and how they work be discussed to further understand their unique quantum nature and how they relate to energy healing. The first product to highlight is Clear.

Clear is the most powerful Qi wellness and healing product and the foundation for all others. Our other products are designed to be used only under the direction and authorship of Clear. Clear is responsible for removing all frequency interferences in all energy pathways throughout numerous dimensions and planes making up the being. It does this by exposing and removing any resonating frequencies that do not match with the energy flow created by the original, God-given frequency. This frequency is granted right before physical conception and is responsible for creating a flow of energy that lays down the blueprint for the creation of the human being.

This blueprint is, in essence, the fabric of the being and dictates one’s genesis, right down to its physical expression. Many things become bound and entangled in this fabric, and it Clear’s job to identify and rid the pathways of these interferences to establish a new balance and alignment. Every time this is done, energy flow is corrected, the chaos that keeps one from its original expression is lessened, and a new energy message is written. As this process repeats itself, a connectedness of spirit, mind, and body ensues until eventually a healthy, whole being is established.

Clear orchestrates an extensive reorganizing and rewriting of an entire human being, so it will take some time for this to be accomplished. It is best to consider Clear an energy therapy to be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, and not a modality for curing physical symptoms and diseases. Physical changes will be included in the process, but it certainly is not the priority. The priority is changing the communication messaging by frequency removal, and to do this, a lot of work has to go on in the quantum (or unseen realm) first before the physical changes manifest. Be patient with the time it takes and realize that you are becoming a new person with a new energy expression

It is amazing what Clear is capable of doing, and everyone has access to this type of energy realignment, when taken on a regular basis. It is easy to use and safe for all ages. We encourage you to try Clear and begin to realize the power you have over your health and healing.

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