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When energetic conception occurs, a blueprint is laid down unique to your individual identity through energy. In other words, you resonate like no other. This energy conception occurs right before physical conception, and your frequency and flow of energy designs and constructs who you are. You are originally created perfect in the image of God, but opposing frequencies from the spiritual realm, thought (soul) realm, and physical realm immediately interfere with the blueprint and deconstruct the design, creating a less than perfect image of God. This is because we are all influenced by sin pass down from Adam. So the perfect creation of God bestowed upon us by Him, is immediately flawed because of sin and our blueprint becomes inconsistent with who God is.

We then, after physical conception, have an overarching energy structure set up upon the blueprint that takes on frequencies from our environment in the soul and physical realm. This becomes the energy structure that Clear works so vigorously in to restore the energy blueprint to the original design. The perfect flow of energy that makes you uniquely you. Clear works in the blueprint first, and quickly restores the flow of energy to the original design, but then it has to spend time in the overarching energy structure to remove the interfering frequencies that keep you from the original, perfect flow. Clear does ALL this through frequencies that are more powerful than all the frequencies residing in our blueprint and overarching energy structure. This is true energy healing.

Taking it a step further, the spirit is the heart of a man. The soul is part of the spirit and the part that dictates the work of the spirit. As it says in Romans 8:5, they that are after the flesh, mind things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the spirit. So what this means is that our spirit dictates who we are based on what we believe and the condition of our spirit. This rolls, then, out to who we become in our mind, will, and emotion, as well as our physical body. So our born again spirit minds the things of the spirit because it has testimony to the Spirit, and our unregenerate spirit, or not born again spirit, minds the things of the flesh, making it impossible to do anything other than sin and be in separation to God. Because the flesh is always in opposition to God.

So Clear, in an unrenewed spirit must shore up the blueprint, but it can’t overtake a person’s right to choose the state of his spirit, but it can get a resonance established that understands God and makes one more inclined to see the truth. Clear, in the renewed sense of spirit, makes for a clean blueprint already, but an

overarching energy structure renewal is needed to bring it in alignment with the renewed, born again spirit, testifying to God’s spirit. This is all truth according to the blueprint identification which is necessary to clean out for true healing.

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