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We live in a world of the seen. A seeing is believing type of a world. But what if you were told this is a limiting philosophy promoting a false narrative. That would be hard to believe. Right? Well, it is limiting and false. If one can only live according to what they see, much will be overlooked and little progress will ever be made. Why? Because everything seen comes from something not seen, and to get it to a place of seeing, you have to believe it exists first, then it will come. Faith and words are involved in this process.

Faith is necessary to move anything into natural existence. How you believe the world was created and what you believe to be true about what governs the world, is greatly important when dealing with things in the unseen. There is an unseen world that governs what happens in the natural world. These spiritual forces are real and at work to bring manifestation into the natural world. These manifestations are either good or bad, depending on the spiritual force that ushers them in.

Faith is a powerful spiritual force bringing into existence the things you believe and say. It is a spiritual law. What you say is going to be behind what you believe. Words matter and what you have manifesting in your life is a direct product of the words coming out of your mouth. It becomes obvious, then, in order to get a change in what you are seeing, you have to change what you are saying. Words, ideals, and beliefs have to be changed and redirected to a new mindset. Then a new expression of the natural takes shape.

This same law, you have what you believe and say, that works with faith, also works with fear. Fear is faith in the wrong thing. An example would be believing and saying you are sick and dying, instead of believing in healing and life and confessing that truth with your mouth. Faith in the wrong thing will bring death, when very simply the sickness can be turned around with believing and saying something else. The power to change things is in your mouth based on what you believe.

This law of faith is important to apply when engaging in anything to bring about change since you have what you say. Whenever a new outcome is needed, it starts with changing your belief and what you are saying. This is true with using the products of Advanced Science. Since the products are pure energy and work in the unseen or quantum realm, the spiritual law of faith is needed to bring the manifested change into the seen, or natural, world. Believing the products work and saying it with your mouth will usher in the results. Everything you need for healing is in the products, now it is up to you to get in agreement with it, and receive what’s available to you. 

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