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As positive thinking in healing is pondered, it becomes important to realize how we think and what we believe is paramount to obtaining ultimate health. Negativity in and around us greatly inhibits the influence of positivity. We were created to resonate in the positive, so it becomes very important to keep a positive influence governing our being. The notion of positive and negative can also be thought of as truth versus lie. Thoughts matter when it comes to health, and Align is a powerful vibrational healing product designed to help remove negative thoughts and get them pointed to the positive. Specifically, to displace lies with truths.

It all starts with a negative thought. A wrong thought planted in your heart that turns to a belief-driven by fear. Fear is the evil force that moves the negative thought into your heart. It eventually becomes what you believe about yourself or others. The negative thought becomes the heart issue. For instance, when you believe you aren’t good enough, fear can take that thought, and through life experiences, such as failure, push that negative thought into your heart. Fear is right there telling you, “See, I told you you’re not good enough”, and a heart issue of low self-esteem can develop. Fear is what creates the negative thought in your heart and you believe it above all other things.

Fortunately, heart issues can be resolved by truth. Fear is the root and must be eradicated to get rid of the heart issue. Once fear is gone, the heart issue is visible, removed, and a new belief system can be put in place. Align abolishes and displaces negative, fear-based thoughts with truth. Truth replaces lie, and healing can take place because the heart issue (the root of fear) is gone.

Undoubtedly, thoughts and beliefs matter. To have vital health, thoughts must be truth (positive) oriented, and all lies (negative) must be cast down immediately and replaced with truth. The battle for wellness occurs in the mind, and thought consciousness and management is necessary to win this battle. Start thinking about what you are thinking about, and master your thought life with Align. This will drastically change you from the inside out, and you will have a new, healthy expression devoid of physical burdens and stresses.

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