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In an earlier blog, the importance of truth (or positivity) as a predominant resonance in the being was discussed. If you did not read it, go back and check out Align – From Negative to Positive. In recent weeks, the scope of  Align was increased and it took on a significant role of connecting the unseen (quantum energy) realm with the seen (natural) realm. This is important because we all want to get relief from what is causing problems or symptoms in the physical body that we feel and see while keeping with the understanding that for there to be permanent relief, the root of the problem must be exposed and eliminated.

Align is a warrior at working tirelessly in the Thought Realm to keep thoughts, which are really unseen words, pointed towards the positive and away from the negative. However, it has also now been given a new task of working in the physical body to prevent or disconnect any influence that may set up or already exist in the physical body from negative thoughts. For a long time, the connection point on how the unseen realm communicates with the seen realm was evasive, but after studying the areas where the two realms merge, it has become obvious that a “space” exists between where the physical plane superimposes itself on the physical body. This space is crucial for allowing energy to be moved in or out of the physical body. Here there are active spinning wheels of energy which move this energy and is the main communication point between the two realms. Without the ability for these spinning wheels of energy to move energy in and out of the body, the potential for negative energies getting trapped in the physical body greatly increases and can cause great dis-ease therein.

Appreciating the need for energy change to increase in the physical body, Align was restructured to do just this. Align exerts its effects on the energy pathways that lie just above the nervous system and vascular system so the energy communication to the cells can be greatly influenced to change. This means that a direct communication to the physical body is accomplished and symptoms can disappear as the new communication takes hold and cellular turnover progresses.

Furthermore, Align still has the ability and will continue to work in the thought realm to keep positivity flowing from the thought realm through the being right down to the physical body where change can be felt and seen. Align is powerful and when added with Clear, the foundation product, and Immune Boost it greatly increases the comprehensive nature of our products for bringing about total and complete restoration to the being – spirit, soul, and body.

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